Flying Dogs Unaccompanied: Lulu’s Solo Trip!

Lulu the pup had no idea, but her parents were going to have to leave her behind for a little while in the United States while they traveled on to set up their new home in Singapore. So, while her pawrents focused on getting settled in, PetRelocation got to work on handling all things Lulu on our end. Here's her story! 

There are a lot more regulations for moving Lulu back to Singapore and it is a challenging time to travel for humans and pets alike. We were glad we involved PetRelocation. Kelcey, who was helping us, was really helpful and great!

dog travels to Singapore quarantine


The thing we appreciated the most was the constant updates from the team while Lulu was on her way back. It totally put our minds at ease. Once again, I will really wish to thank Kelcey and the team for making Lulu's trip back home a smooth and pleasant one!

If you recently moved and had to leave your pets behind, we can help! Send us your questions today. And to keep up with all of these incredible stories and furry faces, follow us on Instagram.


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