From the US to Singapore: Bo’s Travel Story

It's hard to know what to expect when you're a moving a pet across the world. One of the benefits of working with an expert is the huge relief pet owners often feel when they're guided through the process beforehand. Simone faced just this situation when preparing to move her dog, Bo, all the way from the US to Singapore. You can read her experience below!


moving a dog to Singapore 5-stars all the way!

PetRelocation made the entire process very easy and comfortable. I asked 1,000,000 questions and each one was answered in a very detailed manner and very quickly. A lot of companies were not as detailed in their information and provided less of a service for a larger price.

This was a great value for money and I will absolutely use PetRelocation if/when we leave Singapore again. 

Pet Travel Details:

Pet Type: Dog

Pet Breed: Bassett Hound

Pet Name: Bo

To: Singapore

From: Atlanta, Georgia, USA


PetRelocation Team


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