Ground Transportation for Dogs: Guinevere Moves to Florida

poodle moves across the country Sometimes air is not an option, or pet owners prefer a different mode of travel for their pets. Did you know we offer full management of a private ground relocation? Below, pet owner Virgina shares her experience moving new family member, Guinevere, from Wisconsin to Florida! 

From initial contact with Garrett, our (rather 'rushed') arrangements were professionally and perfectly handled without ANY negatives.  Our contact person (Alexis) was an excellent communicator, the driver sent frequent photos en route (rural Wisconsin to the East coast of Florida) and our 18 month standard poodle arrived happy, relaxed and well-rested.

Like most things in life, top quality service comes with a high price tag; we would recommend this company with NO hesitancy. A private car is the ONLY way any of our dogs will travel in the future.

Immense gratitude, thanks and all kindest regards,
Virginia in Florida

cross country move with large dogs

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