Helping Two Dogs and Two Cats Move to Hawaii

Moving one pet can be stressful enough, but planning a move for four ranging in size from a Chihuahua to a Great Dane can be intimidating. That's where we can step in and make sure each one's needs are met and every requirement is fulfilled so they can arrive safely and without complication.

You can read Karen's experience moving her two cats and two dogs to Hawaii below.

moving multiple pets to Hawaii shipping pets to hawaii from mainland USMy husband and I moved from Los Angeles to the Big Island, Hawaii and the most stressful part was thinking about our animals getting on a plane and through Hawaii's animal quarantine.  

We have two cats and two dogs (one is a Great Dane) and I thought I could get them to Hawaii on my own but it was too stressful.

PetRelocation kept popping up on my computer screen so I filled out the online form and Garrett called me soon after.  He was so nice and assured me he would get our animals to Hawaii and have a special crate made for our Great Dane.

He also coordinated with our vets to make sure all paperwork was done properly while keeping in constant touch with me. I can't say Thank You enough for getting all of our animals to their new home in Hilo, Hawaii. It was a very stressful move, but I knew my animals were in good hands.

Thanks again!!!!


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