Incredible Experiences:  A Bird Move From Belgium to the United States

Tiger Rose"Tiger Rose's Big Move"

I recently (May 2015) moved back to the States from Europe and I brought my one-year-old Senegal parrot, Tiger Rose, back with me.

I discovered PetRelocation while researching Tiger's move. Unfortunately, their service (which seemed superior to any other pet moving company out there) was out of my budget, so I imported Tiger into the US myself.

Quarantine was over on June 11, 2015. I was in Pace, FL, and with only a week to go before then, I realized that picking up my parrot would involve a rental car for a day, a night in a New York hotel, round trip airfare and $125 to bring the bird back on the plane with me.

I contacted PetRelocation again. This time, their quote was less than what it would have cost me to pick up Tiger myself.

I was so impressed. With only one week and no cargo-approved kennel (I had an in-cabin carrier only), Whitney, Sarah and Christina planned the entire trip, built the carrier, and kept me updated every time they did something, including sending photos.

What most impressed me, though, was the email I received from Sarah, after 9 p.m. on the 11th, seconds after I had collected Tiger from the United baggage counter, making sure everything was OK.


Pet Move Details:

Name: Sophie
Pet's Name: Tiger Rose
From: Brussels, Belgium
To: Pace, Florida

Read more about traveling with birds, and please contact PetRelocation if you need help planning your upcoming move.


PetRelocation Team


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