Incredible Experiences: A Snake Move Across Canada

snake relocated cross country A Cross Country Snake Transport Story

We recently had the chance to help Oz (a milk snake), Inca, and Jazz (both corn snakes) make their way across Canada.

We don't see pets like this every day, and we must say, they're pretty amazing! Here's what their owner had to say about the move:

Hi PetRelocation,

Thanks so much for all of your help. The pet relocation part of my move was by far the segment that went the smoothest! I am still "camping" in my apartment due to lack of furniture.

As you can see from the attached pictures, Inca is having a grand time playing in her new jungle gym (aka my kitchen table) and Oz and Jazz are very busy trying to not have their picture taken until they have fully adapted.

The trio are still living in duct taped plastic bins until their nice big aquariums arrive next week but so far they have not complained too much.

I really truly appreciate how helpful you have been throughout the process!





Thanks again to Kris for sharing this experience with us! Be sure to follow us on Facebook to meet more of the cool pets we've moved, and feel free to contact PetRelocation if you'd like help relocating with your snake (or dog, or cat, or bird...).


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