Incredible Experiences: Albert & Max’s Move to Texas from Brazil

Albert and Max"Hassle Free Move"

When my husband and I relocated to Rio de Janeiro 2.5 years ago, we handled the pet move on our own. What a hassle! Moving internationally was difficult enough without the added stress of moving our babies, Albert and Max.

In fact, moving the pups quickly became the most stressful activity of all other moving activities. So when it came time to come back to Houston, we knew we wanted professionals to help.

Not only did PetRelocation help, but they took care of everything! I didn't have a single worry when I boarded the plane in Rio. Penney and Maegan were both professional and personal.

It was clear from the start that I could trust PetRelocation to get my pups home safely.



Pet Travel Details:

Name: Megan
Pets' Names: Albert & Max
From: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
To: Houston, TX, USA


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PetRelocation Team


Incredible Experiences



United States, Brazil
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