Incredible Experiences: Albus Moves to Kenya!

"A New York Rescue Moves to Africa!"

I chose PetRelocation because the prospect of having to manage the administration and challenges of moving Albus, my amazing pup, to a different continent was pretty daunting... Especially since I had to organize my own move in a very tight timeframe, too!

shipping large dogs to Africa

The best part of the pet move was knowing that PetRelocation knew exactly what they were doing, and was incredibly helpful in liaising with the vet and getting the paperwork in order. When it looked like there was a small glitch upon arrival in Nairobi, Tobi from PetRelocation was immediately on the case and solved it.

Albus is doing great. He arrived a bit dazed and confused (and a bit smelly!) but as you can see in the pictures he was like a spring lamb exploring his new garden: a very happy hound!

There are lots of hiking trails in the forests in and around Nairobi where Albus gets to explore and meet other dogs. Other than that walking opportunities are little rare, unfortunately, due to the crazy traffic. However, most houses come with large gardens that provide ample opportunity for play and sniffing. Albus even gets to chase a troop of monkeys passing through every day!

large dog relocates to Kenya

There are good vets in Nairobi, and most dog related items can easily be bought in stores. Good food might be the only exception. While it might be out there, I haven’t managed to find it yet and am happy I shipped a large supply of kibble!


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Tamara
Pet's Name: Albus
From: New York, United States
To: Nairobi, Kenya


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