Incredible Experiences: Ariel’s Journey From Dublin to Seattle

"Ariel's Relocation to the United States"

Relocating your pet is highly emotional; it is quite difficult to imagine it unless you go through this experience.

When we started planning our trip to the US from Ireland, we envisaged travelling with our Maine Coon cat, Ariel, on the same plane, in the cabin. I could not accept the thought of a different way of doing it. Like an overprotective mother, I had to have my eyes on our baby the entire trip.


As many may know, the Maine Coon isn't a small kitty, it is, in fact, one of the largest cat breeds. So complying with weight and size regulations for cabin carriers was tough :)

Ultimately, we were lucky to have Ariel travelling with PetRelocation in a big spacious pet crate rather than squishing her in a small carrier under the front seat in the cabin.

She traveled a day ahead of us, so it was great we could spend time with her before she was picked up. We appreciated that all people involved in the process were very thoughtful and also highly professional. They treated Ariel as a member of our family and we were provided with updates for her entire trip.

Ariel was delivered to us straight away after we arrived in US and she was in great form and well looked after. The papers attached to her crate indicated feeding and watering times, when she left the pet lounge, and the time she passed customs.


It only took her a few seconds to get out of her traveling crate and started exploring her new home. Her jet lag lasted less than ours :)

The first night she was a bit distressed and slept under the bed, but the following night she was already on the bed :)

For short distances it may be ok to travel with your pet, but for longer flights I would definitely recommend offering your pet the comfort of travelling with a pet relocation company, a company that you would trust.

We highly recommend PetRelocation's services.

Pet Travel Details:

Name: Elena
Pet's Name: Ariel
From: Dublin, Ireland, UK
To: Seattle, WA, US

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