Incredible Experiences:  Beeler’s Move from Chicago to Switzerland

Beeler"Chicago Stray Turned World Traveler"

I initially contacted PetRelocation as a skeptic, aware of the many scams in today's social media world. It was a year before our move to Switzerland, but I honestly didn't know the first step to moving my 2-year-old Lab mix, Beeler, across seas.

I always heard the horror stories of quarantine and I couldn't bear to listen, but after contacting PetRelocation I was immediately introduced to Maegan and Tobi, two highly professional pet relocation experts.

They provided me with a relocation timeline, information regarding customs in the States and in Switzerland, a pet prep packet that explained all of his essentials for moving (crate, bedding, bowls), vet paperwork necessary for entry into Switzerland, and peace of mind that Beeler would be safe throughout the entire 5000+ mile journey.

And he was. At 9:30 a.m., Beeler landed in Geneva, Switzerland. He went through customs like a champ with a French fluent-speaking Swiss agent, provided by the company. By 11:15 a.m., we were reunited with him.

medium size dog moves to switzerlandI would recommend PetRelocation to anyone looking to relocate their pet, nationally or internationally. Everyone in the company was professional, educated in relocating to different regions, and prompt with emailing and phone calls.

The service PetRelocation provides is not cheap, but when you are paying for the safety of your beloved pet and the peace of mind that they will be reunited with you without hiccups, it's worth the cost of admission.

We will certainly be using our friends at PetRelocation in several years when we bring Beeler back home to Chicago!


Name: Alyssa
Pet's Name: Beeler
From: Chicago
To: Switzerland


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