Incredible Experiences: Bella’s Move to Canada

Dog moves from US to Canada Thanks to Bella's owner for this post-move update! Glad to hear things are going well after their relocation from New York to Canada.

I am an owner of a very beloved dog who I needed to transport from New York to Toronto.

I myself have an anxiety disorder and my dog has tremendous fear of other dogs, car sickness, a hatred for travel/change and odd behavior in new environments and conditions.

To say I was tremendously stressed would be an understatement. It’s very difficult trusting a company I personally had not heard of (because I had not moved with pets before) with my pet’s well being. This was in addition to the stress of finding a new apartment 500 miles away and ensuring I had a job and other documentation for myself.

For my pet, my worries were:

  • Were they going to guide me through the documentation process? Would their guidance be accurate?

  • Would they lose my pet? Would some people in the chain treat my pet as inanimate cargo? Would there be adequate communication? Would my pet’s behavior cause her to be denied boarding and or injured in some way by unscrupulous handlers?

  • Would the weak psychological disposition of my pet be permanently damaged by a stressful experience as this move?

  • Would all links in the chain communicate properly so as to not cause extra stress to my pet?

I have to say that while my worries were somewhat grounded in reality, PetRelocation handled every aspect of the move from start to finish both professionally and with an emotional sensitivity that is germane to the cargo they transport.

Relocating dog from New York to Canada

Settling in

Communication was excellent and it was clear everyone in the chain was a “pet person” with competency and experience. It literally could not have gone smoother to be honest, and although I hope to never move again I will certainly use them again.

They took the most stressful and important part of my move off of my hands and guided me through everything.



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Incredible Experiences



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