Incredible Experiences: Blanky’s Move to Abu Dhabi

shipping small dogs to United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi "Blanky is Home!"

My husband contacted PetRelocation from Abu Dhabi just one week before my trip to reunite with him from Las Vegas. 

We have a West Highland Terrier named Blanky. We were so concerned about all the steps that we needed to take and the long flight he had to do from Las Vegas, U.S.A to Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

From the very first contact with PetRelocation with Jon and then Penney (our Client Care Specialist), it has been amazing. The whole time they have communicated with us about everything they were doing and they were reassuring, caring and loving.

Penney was always on top of things and explained every step of the way. We hardly did anything. We could see that Penney's number one concern was not only to get Blanky to Abu Dhabi, but his well being at all times! Thank you so much!

Blanky arrived to Dubai through a pet company (Dubai Kennel) that collaborates with PetRelocation in Austin,Texas. They were also outstanding!

Blanky was brought directly to our door in Abu Dhabi in great spirits and with such care and love! He is doing great and after a couple of days of rest, he is back to his same self!

Whoever needs to relocate their pet out of the U.S.A.: HIRE PET RELOCATION IN AUSTIN, TEXAS -- THEY ARE AMAZING AND OUTSTANDING! THANK YOU PENNEY AND JON FOR DOING SUCH A GREAT JOB! We will always be thankful for EVERYTHING you have done for Blanky and for reuniting us!



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Incredible Experiences



United States, UAE
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