Incredible Experiences: Chein’s Big Move from Russia to New Zealand

moving cats from Russia to New Zealand Here's a post move update from Chein's owner about their recent relocation from Russia to New Zealand. So glad we could help with this journey!

We couldn’t even think of leaving our beloved cat in Russia when we decided to move to New Zealand.

There are strict rules of import for cats and dogs to New Zealand from countries like Russia. A pet should first spend at least 6 months in a third country where rabies is well controlled. Although there were many options with “pet hotels” in England and Malaysia, we couldn’t imagine what would happen to Chein after 180 days in the cage.

Therefore, we chose the most expensive but least harmful option for us and the cat—I applied to college in the United States for two terms and took the cat with me! 

I knew that moving Chein to the US was the easiest step and paperwork with New Zealand biosecurity was going to be huge and complicated, so I started Googling for pet relocators on the internet. I found PetRelocation and some other companies, but PetRelocation answered my quote super fast. (By the way, others never answered at all.) I liked their web site, the staff was incredibly patient and friendly, and they answered all my naive questions quickly and comprehensively.

After I moved to the US with Chein, I started to work with Brooke Smith. She advised me about a good vet clinic in Seattle, where Chein and I also had an exciting experience. I haven't had any problems working with PetRelocation at all, and the last step—the move from the United States to New Zealand—was exceptionally smooth.

traveling to New Zealand with cats

I took Chein to the Seattle airport and I was met by a nice guy from PetRelocation who filled in all the papers and forms and checked in my cat for the flight from Seattle to San Francisco. Brooke sent me pictures of my cat from San Francisco, where he spent a night between flights. The following day, Chein successfully arrived in New Zealand. 

The people at PetRelocation are professionals who will be with you from the very beginning to the end of your pet’s Big Move. I believe they truly love animals, otherwise, how else they can provide such a great service? :)

—Chein, Alex and Julia (Reunited Family)


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