Incredible Experiences: Chloe’s Move to the Beaches of Australia

"PetRelocation is an absolute must for peace of mind!"

Moving to a country like Australia, with its strict quarantine regulations, is a daunting process. I spent many hours researching companies before deciding upon PetRelocation.

Small dog relocates to Australia

Their reputation seemed more outstanding than the rest, and along the 6 month journey the staff proved incredible in their customer service and relationship with our Vet. As the time came for Chloe to begin the flight, transport and 10 day quarantine, PetRelocation kept us up to date every step of the way -- including photos.

I cannot thank you enough, Evelyn, for your support and professionalism in allowing my baby to make her way safe and sound to her new home. The best part overall was the smooth and easy process.

small dog moves to australia

Chloe is loving her new life here in Australia -- she's a beach babe! Morning walks are along the sandy, white beaches with the beautiful ocean breeze.

I cannot recommend PetRelocation highly enough -- they deserve the wonderful reputation they have in making sure Chloe was taken care off from Day One.

Thank you!



Pet Travel Details:

Name: Tasha
Pet's Name: Chloe
From: California, USA
To: Queensland, Australia

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PetRelocation Team


Incredible Experiences



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