Incredible Experiences: Chloe’s Relocation to Australia

chloe the cat"Chloe's Second Big Move"

I had used PetRelocation once before and was happy with their service, so when my husband took a job in Australia and I had to make arrangements for Chloe, I called them.

They stepped right in and got Chloe ready for her second big move. They did a door-to-door service and even contacted my vets in Maine and the UK to make sure that Chloe had all documents needed to get her in to Australia safely and in a timely manner.

They provided tracking service so I could follow her flights and went out of their way to make this move stress-free and easy for me and Chloe. She arrived with us in time for her to have Christmas with us.

PetRelocation is a service I know I will be using in the future when we are ready to leave Australia.


Pet Move Details:

Name: Debbie
Pet's Name: Chloe
From: Maine, United States
To: Alice Springs, Australia


Thanks to Debbie and Chloe for sharing their move with us!

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PetRelocation Team


Incredible Experiences




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