Incredible Experiences: Chopper’s Trip Across the Pond

We helped Chopper move to the UK several months ago and now she has returned to the United States! This time we arranged her flight to the East Coast and then her owners drove her to their ultimate destination of New Mexico because they had some vacationing to do.

It looks like quite a road trip! Here's what they had to say:


Good day ladies! 

Here are Chopper's final trip photos.  :)  


Watching the trip into Oklahoma

Thank you for all the help!!! So glad Chopper made it to New Mexico!

She was mad about the flight and not keen on the repeated days in the car but she managed to keep her wits about her and successfully made it approximately 6,500 miles from there to Maryland, to Massachusetts, back to Washington D.C. and then across the country to New Mexico!!


Arrival in New Mexico!! 

Here are some of her most ornery pics ;)  

Thanks again for ALL of your help!  



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Incredible Experiences




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