Incredible Experiences: Fergus the Cat’s Move to Germany

fergus"Pure Joy and Relief!!"

When I was given the opportunity to move to Germany from the US for work, everything just started to speed up.

Moving companies, selling my car, selling or renting my home, work visa, etc. Also: "Oh no, what do I need to do to get Fergus to Germany?" Vets, international chips, vaccines, paperwork, and who knows what else needs to be done to bring him specifically to Germany!!

PetRelocation knows. I got their name from a friend that used their service to move pets from state-to-state. After describing my situation, the staff (Maegan and Penney) immediately knew what needed to be done.

They gave me a list of things I needed to do with my pet, like take him to the vet, get X, Y, and Z, and they took care of the rest, which included getting the paperwork, selecting the flight, picking up Fergus from my home, taking him to the airport, and boarding him at the arriving airport.

It was a dream to not have to worry about the details of relocating my pet and knowing he was in good hands. If it weren't for this service, Fergus would either still be in the States, or somewhere in customs with Bieber's monkey wondering what is going on because I didn't get the right papers on time.

I highly recommend this service and look forward to using them when I head back to the States.

Name: Jonathan
Pet's Name: Fergus
From: Michigan, United States
To: Germany



PetRelocation Team


Incredible Experiences




United States, Germany
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