Incredible Experiences: “Fischer’s Retirement to Florida”

Name: Linda
Pet's Name: Fischer
From: Texas, USA
To: Florida, USA

We are preparing to move to Tokyo and have 3 dogs. Since Japan is a rabies free country, we did not want to risk the quarantine procedures, so we researched pet relocation services.

relocating senior pets

After seeing all the great reviews for PetRelocation and the quick reply from Paul about the service and cost, we chose them to handle our move. Fischer has been the first dog to be relocated fully and the process went really well. (Fischer is 13 and he decided to retire to grandmas in Florida instead of taking the very long journey to Japan.)

Paul and Mandy made the first move go off without a hitch. Mandy kept me updated throughout Fischer's travels, which put my mind at ease.

Fischer and dog friends

Fischer is enjoying his new home, his new siblings, and being completely spoiled by his grandma. Thank you for helping make this happen. I know feel less anxious about the next two dogs.

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Incredible Experiences



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