Incredible Experiences: Flapjack Indiana’s Move to Denmark

We are really happy we used PetRelocation! 

I can't imagine any way in which our move halfway around the world with three animals could have gone more smoothly. 

dog shipped to Denmark

We initially chose PetRelocation because of the wealth of information on the company website, and the wealth of knowledge of the first person I spoke to there. 

PetRelocation immediately put my worries of traveling with three animals, including one senior giant Great Dane, at ease. In addition, they were willing to help arrange all of the documentation for our cat, even though he was traveling aboard the aircraft with myself and not being picked up/dropped off like the two dogs.

PetRelocation had answers for everything and helped me every step of the way by providing a detailed schedule of exactly when everything needed to be done, answering all of my questions (even when they were repeats), and ensuring all the documentation was correct and done on time.

shipping two dogs to Denmark

They made bringing our furry family with us easy and stress free which allowed us to focus on all of the other aspects involved with moving across the ocean.

Now that we are all back together after the move I can't imagine having used anyone else. My two dogs and my cat all arrived happy and healthy, eager to explore their new home. We will definitely be repeat customers if and when we make another epic move across the globe.

Thank you again.

Kindest Regards,



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Incredible Experiences



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