Incredible Experiences: “Flying Zebras!”

Relocating Zebras overseasThe export of two zebra filly foals from California to England was dogged with issues, not least the lack of communication with the seller, so much so that the first attempt was aborted although I had paid in full for the foals.

I then waited another 13 months for two more to become available to try again. It was only when British Airways provided PetRelocation as a possible business to support me that things finally happened.

All the staff I dealt with made me feel that they were as engaged and intent on making it happen as I was. PetRelocation dealt efficiently and professionally with all the complexities that came their way. When no vet would visit the owners' ranch (meaning the planned quarantine would not be able to happen there) they stepped in and sourced a fantastic place called Irish Rose farm.

PetRelocation's care for the animals' welfare was visible and consistent, and they were calming and understanding of my anxieties and need for updates.

When the final hurdle presented itself --  we had to change flight dates and mode of transport -- the pragmatism and fairness of the business truly shone.

luna & lorna

They not only got engaged in more work without additional charge, they ensured that all possible monies were diverted from the first flight and crate build into the second. The experience was excellent on multiple levels, and if I ever was to fly an animal again it would be with this company.

The foals arrived not only happy but so chilled that they walked off the lorry, looked around, and started to munch on hay as the resident zebra got very excited.


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Lindsay
Pets' Names: Luna and Lorna
From: California
To: England

Thanks to Lindsay for sharing her Zebra move with us! Planning a unique or unusual pet move? (Or a 'regular' one?) Feel free to contact us for a pet travel consultation.


PetRelocation Team


Incredible Experiences



United States, UK
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