Incredible Experiences: Frites’ Move From Memphis to Luxembourg

rescue dog relocates to Europe"Keeping the Family Together"

When my wife and I and our two-year old son learned we were moving from Memphis, Tennessee, to Luxembourg City (on the other side of the pond), we immediately began exploring our options of taking our beloved Frites, a 60-pound rescue dog we had adopted three years before. We soon learned it was not only difficult to transport a dog, it also wasn't cheap. At one point, we even considered leaving our dog with family.

But we loved our dog too much, and we decided we could not leave her behind. So we looked into taking her on our flight with us — but she was too big a dog to travel on our specific planes. We then looked at several agencies: Some were exorbitantly priced; others were totally unresponsive.

We were about to give up when I did a final Google search and discovered PetRelocation, emailed them on a whim, and within 24 hours, we had our solution. PetRelocation was very fairly priced, but their customer service was on another level. We felt like a friend was helping us transport out dog, not some company we discovered on an internet search.

We've now had our dog about 10 days in Luxembourg, and the process from start to finish was amazingly simple. PetRelocation took out all the stress and difficulty of moving a dog seven time zones away. PetRelocation took care of all the details; anything we had to do on our end, they conveyed exactly what needed to be done.

Frites is very happy in her new home. Luxembourg City has numerous off-leash pet parks around the city where she gets to play with other dogs. We've discovered there is no language barrier for dogs!

In 4-5 years, my wife and I will relocate back to the U.S. PetRelocation will be one of our first calls when we do. Their service truly helped keep our family together, and we're very grateful we found them.

Pet Travel Details:

Name: Jake
Pet's Name: Frites
From: Memphis, TN
To: Luxembourg City


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