Incredible Experiences: Ghost’s Move to China

shipping dogs to China Ghost recently moved to China with his owner -- here's a post-move update from them!

Sarah Rosales was simply incredible and so warm-hearted, not to mention technically flawless when I spoke with her many times regarding the transport of my dog to China.

I definitely did not make her job easy with all my questions, and she answered every single inquiry in a timely, professional, and knowledgeable fashion. She was a pleasure to work with and a valuable resource in finding the right service to relocate my dog

Also, Mandy O' Connell was a pleasure to work with as well and immediately put together a series of next steps both on her end and my end. The transparency she gave me took loads off of my mind and I could not be happier with her timeliness and professionalism.

These ladies treated me with great respect and candor and I simply cannot give them enough credit -- here's hoping that I may deal with them again whenever I relocate back to the States.


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PetRelocation Team


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