Incredible Experiences: Gracie & Squeaks’ Move to Singapore

happy pet cat + baby reunionHere's a note from a recent client of ours—when Amy was offered her dream job in Singapore (which meant bringing her 6-month-old son and two cats halfway across the world with her) we were happy to help Gracie and Squeaks reunite with her there!

Here's what she had to say about the move:

Hi Mandy!

I could not be happier with all of the help and outstanding service that PetRelocation has provided us. The girls are doing great. They didn't miss a beat—sleeping all over the bed, letting me know when they want their wet food, etc.

They were so well taken care of in quarantine and are doing great right now. Their personalities are just the same and they seem to enjoy our new place. I am thrilled we all made it half way around the world without any delays or issues.

The only change since we saw them last is my son is now crawling and he is after them! They are still much faster than he is, but it's only a matter of time. 

gracie & squeaks

I'll be honest, at first I balked at the price, but it was the best money spent. You all held my hand through this process and I can't thank you enough. We are very happy here in Singapore. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-Amy, Augie, Squeaks and Gracie


And thanks to Amy for sharing her move and her story with us! Interested in pet travel to Singapore? Take a look at these Singapore relocation stories and please contact us for a pet travel consultation if you're interested in discussing your move options.


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