Incredible Experiences: Graham & Cricket’s Move to the United Kingdom

Here's a note from a recent client -- we're so glad to hear that Graham and Cricket (two of the cutest dogs ever) are transitioning well after their move from the United States to the United Kingdom!

Hi Sarah and Maegan,

 It's been a busy, exciting and sometimes overwhelming couple of weeks.  :)  

Graham & Cricket

Graham and Cricket are settling in very well!!! We are really pleased with their transition. They are learning about life in a high rise and becoming experts at riding the elevator. We plan to move into our new home soon, so they will have a grassy backyard to run and play. 

Thanks, again, for your assistance with the move. We were lucky to have your help and support.  

-Caitlin & Shea 


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PetRelocation Team


Incredible Experiences



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