Incredible Experiences: Jack and Kelly’s Move to Alaska

shipping pets to Alaska"Jack and Kelly's Incredible Journey"

When my husband accepted a job in Anchorage, Alaska, we began the process of preparing to move 4,500 miles from our home in Pennsylvania.

Originally, we thought we would just take our Beagle (Jack) and Calico cat (Kelly) with us on our road trip. But soon the thought of two weeks in a pickup truck, hauling a U-haul trailer, with two pets, seemed unappealing and impractical!

That’s when we contacted PetRelocation, and are we ever glad we did! They made the entire process so easy and it was a great experience. Our PetRelocation Consultant was constantly in email contact with us to keep us informed of flight itineraries, etc., and she even sent us some photos of Jack and Kelly along the way.

Our pets are very happy and healthy, and adjusted quickly to their new home here in Alaska. We are extremely grateful to PetRelocation for the excellent care they gave to Jack and Kelly on their incredible journey! We highly recommend this company to anyone needing to transport their pets!


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Margie
Pets' Names: Jack and Kelly
From: Pennsylvania
To: Alaska

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PetRelocation Team


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