Incredible Experiences: Jordie’s Move to Hong Kong

"Jordie Made It!"

When we found out that we were moving to Hong Kong, we did a lot of research about which pet company to use to help get our love, Jordie, to Hong Kong. Jordie had to go on her own and Hong Kong is known for lots of detailed paperwork.



We connected with Evelyn first. She was extremely helpful and quickly got us in touch with our Specialist, Rebecca K.

Rebecca was invaluable. She helped keep us on track with getting the right size crate and appointments with vets. She always called the vets ahead of time to ensure they knew what paperwork was needed. She even caught a typo in the Titer report that the vet provided. Rebecca answered all our questions -- and there were a lot of them!


Jordie had a layover in Amsterdam and she let us know that Jordie had arrived safely there. Jordie was then met in Hong Kong by a local agent and delivered happy and healthy to my door despite the 24+ hour journey.

The price is expensive at first glance -- but WELL WORTH the expense. Moving is stressful -- let this company ensure that your pet gets where they need to go with all the right paperwork!


We will use them again when we leave Hong Kong in two years for our next post.


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Carrie
Pet's Name: Jordie
From: Alexandria, VA USA
To: Hong Kong


Need help moving your pet to Hong Kong (or another location)? Please contact PetRelocation to discuss your pet move options.



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Incredible Experiences




United States, Hong Kong
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