Incredible Experiences: Kyuss’s Relocation to Australia

kyuss happy reunion!Kyuss is home! Read about his relocation to Australia from the United States and his happy reunion with his owner:

We are very happy with the service received with PetRelocation. From start to finish, everyone was very attentive and helpful. 

Evelyn Pearl was great, accommodating, and very patient while I was deciding whether or not to go with this company. Then, Bethany Tucker was very sweet, before the case was transferred to Nina Faber, who made sure everything went as smooth as it could, and that our dog made it to Australia. 

The whole team was very prompt in answering emails, even over the weekend. I liked the personalized touch. In fact, I think Nina spent more time checking up on our dog than we did. 

We were very worried about moving our dog to Australia, especially as we were coordinating the move from overseas while he stayed in the States, but we had no reason to be concerned. The staff is very knowledgeable and professional. 

Great job!


Moving your pet to Australia with you? Contact PetRelocation to discuss your options for planning a safe trip!


PetRelocation Team


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