Incredible Experiences: Lyla’s Move to Germany from the United States

lyla"Lyla and Family Move to Germany"

When we decided to move to Germany for a job, the number one concern was how would our 3-year-old Australian Shepherd Lyla make the journey.

PetRelocation was recommended by the company managing the move, and I have to say, I couldn't be happier. From start to finish, PetRelocation has far surpassed my expectations.

They helped calm any nerves I had about putting Lyla "under the plane" and were always quick to respond to questions. Not only were they great to me, my vet in the States is now a big fan of PetRelocation. They made Lyla's final visit and USDA certification process and paperwork as easy as possible.

Now that we have started to settle in Nürnberg, Lyla is starting to find her favorite parks. She loves to run around in all the little streams Germany has and I think it's all she can do to contain herself when we go hiking in the countryside. She gets to sprint through the biggest green fields you've ever seen -- a welcome departure from city living in Denver.) :-)

Thank you, PetRelocation (especially Katy), and I look forward to working with you again in a few years for our return trip to the U.S.




Pet Travel Details:

Name: Justin
Pet's Name: Lyla
From: Denver, CO, USA
To: Nürnberg, Bayern, DE


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PetRelocation Team


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