Incredible Experiences: Maggy’s Move to Paris

Maggy in Paris"Bienvenue a Paris!"

I was presented with a great work opportunity to move from New England to Paris. Professionally it was a no brainer. Personally, it was a little riskier.

We have 3 kids under the age of 4, and Maggy, a 6-year-old Bernese who was our first baby and is now more of our third parent. :) However, the opportunity was one that we knew we had to jump on.

Of all of the logistics of our move, Maggy caused the biggest stress. She is older, never traveled particularly well and has a little bit of an "attitude" around strangers. So the idea of popping her on a plane after negotiating airports and customs was a scary one. I had visions of small crates, hot runways, dark cargo holds and uncaring handlers. I was elated to hear the exact opposite.

We were immediately put at ease by PetRelocation and I was amazed by their expertise and professionalism. They communicated effectively, managed any challenges professionally and coached us months in advance on how to prepare Maggy to make the experience as painless as possible.

We had a pretty flawless move to France, relying on many vendors to secure paperwork, move our goods, our family, and even Maggy but I consider our experience with PetRelocation to be one of the highlights.

I am happy to report that Maggy is loving her new home, and even enjoyed an August holiday in Normandy.

All the best for your move!

-Tim from New England

Pet Travel Details:

Name: Tim
Company: ADP
Pet's Name: Maggy
From: New England, United States
To: Paris


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