Incredible Experiences: Marka & Vlast Move from Russia to Singapore

marka & vlast"Do Not Try to Do It Yourself"

Hey guys!

So I had to move from Moscow to Singapore in May 2015 and relocate my two pets -- a dog and a cat. They had to fly halfway around the world, go through a 30 day quarantine period (mandatory for all pets coming to Singapore), but they were finally delivered to me two days ago.

Having gone through the exercise, I am very glad I did not try to do it all myself and would strongly advise anyone against relocating their pets on their own.

Relocation is a logistical and bureaucratic nightmare (vaccinations, paperwork, airline rules, destination country rules, timing). It is also an extremely stressful process -- the pets did not know what is going on and I was extremely worried for them but also busy with my own move.

I am so happy I was not alone in the process and that an entire team of people who knew what they were doing was taking care of my pets (it helps that PetRelocation seems to have agents everywhere globally -- people from Russia, the US, Netherlands and Singapore were involved in my move).

The wonderful ladies at PetRelocation have been super professional, proactive and caring -- they have communicated with me throughout the process, even providing photo updates as pets were flying around the world. The entire process went smoothly.

Thank you Sarah, Brooke, Bellina and Charlene!


Pet Move Details:

Name: Pavel
Pets' Name: Marka & Vlast
From: Moscow, Russia
To: Singapore


Please contact us for a pet travel consultation if you have questions about relocating with pets.


PetRelocation Team


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Russia, Singapore
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