Incredible Experiences: Moseley and Tammy’s Relocation to Australia

"Our German Shepherds' Relocation from Johannesburg to Brisbane"

Our movers recommended PetRelocation, and from the word 'go' they were amazing.

They communicated with us on a continual basis, letting us know what step in the procedure we were at and what the next step was. Nothing was too much for them (or should I say Linda and Heather, who dealt with us directly) if and when we had queries.

Moseley & Tammy in Australia

We knew where our pets were when we were on the other side of the world and what was happening with them. Linda liaised with us in terms of blood tests required, if the results were in and what they were, and she coordinated everything so all we had to do was what she requested us to do. It made a stressful event in our life so much easier to deal with.

Our pets arrived in October 2015 have settled in very well and seem to be a lot more part of our family than they used to be. Australia is geared around having pets, and there are lots of parks for them and footpaths they are allowed to be on when we go to parks or the beach.

On the whole, I would say they are much happier pets.

Pet Travel Details:

Name: Heidi and Quintin
Company: Terex Demag
Pets' Names: Moseley and Tammy
From: Johannesburg, South Africa
To: Brisbane, Australia


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PetRelocation Team


Incredible Experiences



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