Incredible Experiences: Motu’s Move to Singapore

"Motu's Singapore Relocation"

My heroines! Mandy and Maegan were champs at getting our beloved 12-year-old yellow Labrador relocated to Singapore from Long Beach, CA. 

Dog moving to Singapore!

While researching the process of relocating our dog to Singapore -- strict import standards that require either 10 or 30 days quarantine from dogs arriving from the U.S. (except Hawaii which requires no quarantine) -- I was nervous about the process. Would my dog be stuck on the tarmac in 90 degree heat with no water in her cage? Would she be in quarantine 10 days or 30? Would she have enough room in her kennel?

As soon as I began talking to Maegan I immediately felt better. She told me the best airlines to use to ensure Motu's safety and well-being, the best size kennel for our dog, and she gave me specific time periods to accomplish each task within the relocation process to ensure that Motu was in quarantine for only 10 days -- not 30!

Meagan and Mandy were professional, super responsive when I had questions, and they provided clear documentation and directions to me, Motu's veterinarians, and each of the agencies (USDA and the Singapore equivalent AVA). There were a couple of times that I ran into paperwork questions locally and PetRelocation was always available providing answers so we could address the problem immediately.

Our dog is home with us in Singapore and she settled in very quickly! We're so happy to have her with us and ever so grateful to Mandy, Maegan, and the PetRelocation team!



Thanks to Brooke for sharing this incredible experience with us! Need assistance planning your pet's move? Please contact us for a pet travel consultation.


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