Incredible Experiences: Moving Two Pets to Hong Kong

shipping multiple pets to Hong Kong "Ginny & Puddin's Move to Hong Kong"

PetRelocation was a bit more expensive than the other firms I reached out to, but were SO much more knowledgeable about the process. Quite frankly, I couldn't afford to have the pets fly all the way to Hong Kong and then not get admitted to the country due to paperwork.

PetRelocation was essential when it came to the paperwork needed for Hong Kong. My vet did not know the rules and could not seem to fill out the paperwork correctly. My relocation specialist had everything faxed to her and reviewed it before I left the vet on the final visit.

Her thoroughness saved the day! She made sure everything was properly filled out. The best part of the relocation was that the specialist let me know where Ginny and Puddin were at every stop, even when they landed in Europe for their layover, which was at around midnight.

I know my pets did not enjoy the trip over, but they have adjusted to their new home. I often take my dog Ginny down to Stanley Cave for a croissant and coffee. She loves it!

Thank you PetRelocation! Thanks to you my pets made it safely!



Pet Travel Details:

Name: Mari
Pets' Names: Ginny & Puddin
From: Nashville, TN
To: Tai Tam, Hong Kong


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