Incredible Experiences: Paloma & Clementine’s Move to the United Kingdom

"Paloma and Clementine's Relocation to London"

Thank you to the team at PetRelocation for all your help in getting our girls safely to London from Austin, Texas! 

paloma & clementine

First swim in the Thames

The scariest part of our relocation was thinking about the girls' safety and comfort during travels. After I called PetRelocation to ask about services I was invited to come by the office with the girls to ask questions, measure for crates, etc. I felt so much better about the whole situation after meeting the team, seeing the office and asking (a million) questions.

We got a breakdown in price the same day (our departure was in 30 days) with a complete door-to-door package. Once we made our deposit we were sent information on crating, the process, vet instructions and prepping the dogs for travel.

When I thought of extra questions, my emails were always answered quickly!

The final vet visit day arrived and a packet had been sent directly to my vet with paperwork and instructions. Once the vet filled it out we sent the paperwork over to be approved by PetRelocation to ensure no errors were made.

On moving day the two ladies that showed up were very helpful in getting the crates together correctly for airline approval, making me feel at ease, and giving the girls lots of love to make them feel comfortable.

paloma & clementine

Enjoying the park

I was sent videos and pictures from the airport check-in to calm my nerves, and I got a call when they were leaving the girls with the British Airways crew to make sure I didn't have any more questions. We were updated that the girls made it onto the flight and were called once they were checked in at the London facilities after the flight. 

A van dropped them off at our temporary housing within a few hours! The girls were amped up at first to see us then took a LONG nap! 

They have adjusted quickly to life in London and are loving all the sights, smells and parks it has to offer!

I have already recommended PetRelocation wholeheartedly to my friends who are relocating to Australia this summer! 

Thanks again, PetRelocation team!


Thanks to Paloma and Clementine's owner for sharing this move with us! Looking for assistance with your international pet move? Contact us to set up a pet travel consultation.


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