Incredible Experiences: Panda’s Move From Israel to the United States

"Great Service, Very Happy Pets :)"

Moving your family to the other side of the globe is very stressful on us humans, not to mention on our pets :)

The PetRelocation experts, Ashley and Linda, were so helpful! It was very reassuring to know that Panda is in safe hands and would meet us at the end of the journey. It was one less thing to worry about during the actual move, and it allowed us to focus on our 2-year-old daughter and all the other arrangements needed to "relocate our lives."

Ashley and Linda helped us out on everything, including picking a travel crate and figuring out which certifications and vaccines were required for travel. They also got their local partner to pick Panda up at our home and take her to the official veterinarian for final inspection before travel.

Panda arrived at our new home and was back to normal within a few hours, an amazing indication that she was under very minimal stress throughout her travels.

I highly recommend Ashley, Linda and PetRelocation!

Pet Travel Details:

Name: Amit
Pet's Name: Panda
From: Israel
To: United States

Thanks to Amit for sharing this incredible experience with us! Need some help arranging your pet's move? Contact us for a pet travel consultation.


PetRelocation Team


Incredible Experiences



United States
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