Incredible Experiences: Penny’s Move From the Netherlands to Chicago

Here's a note from Penny the Boston Terrier's mom about her trip from the Netherlands to Chicago. Glad to hear they had a happy reunion!



Thank you so much for helping us with Penny’s big move!  As you know, flying a Boston can be tricky business but both you and Maegan made the whole thing a lot less stressful leading up to the move.

snub nose dog import to the US

On the day of her move I couldn’t be happier with the way things went. The pictures that were sent throughout the day really helped to make me feel so much better about what was going on with her and I can’t thank you guys enough!  

Hopefully we never have to move Penny on a plane again, but if we do we will definitely call you guys to help out.

boxer dog travels internationally

(I have attached two pictures of her first few moments when she arrived in Chicago.)

Thank you again!!!!



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