Incredible Experiences: Percy and Edward’s Move to Hong Kong

percy and edward"Percy and Edward on Tour"

PetRelocation were the people chosen by our Dad's bank to take us from Sydney to our new place in Hong Kong.

Joe called my Mum a few months ago by phone from Austin, Texas, USA to start the ball rolling. We felt very important that he made the effort to call my Mum -- Joe and Linda really cared about us right from the word go.

We had to travel in these big crates that they even arranged to have delivered to our old house in Sydney so that we could try them out before we had to get in them for our flight to Hong Kong.

Joe and Linda made sure we had all the right documents from our vet in Sydney to make sure that when we arrived in Hong Kong we could get taken to our new home quickly and not have to go into quarantine. It meant a few trips to see our vet but that was okay by us.

Joe and Linda kept emailing our Mum before we left Sydney to tell her that all the paperwork was going okay with the Chinese government so she didn't have to worry. She had so much other stuff to do -- she was so pleased that PetRelocation did everything and it was stress-free.

Ed and I were a bit worried about what was happening to us, but in the end it was quick and easy and we didn't have to stay in the cage too long -- it was only whilst we were on the plane and getting to and from the airports.

percy & edward

We had plenty of water on the plane and got to have dinner a bit early before the flight so we could go to the toilet before going in the cages.

We are glad Joe and Linda from PetRelocation looked after us. We have talked to a few dogs since we arrived in Hong Kong and they weren't as lucky as us. When we have to move again, our Mum said she will definitely call Joe and Linda to help us.

-Percy and Edward


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Judith
Pets' Names: Percy and Edward
From: Sydney
To: Hong Kong


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