Incredible Experiences: Planning a Less Stressful Pet Move

Krusty&TaterName: Tess and Craig
Pets' Names: Krusty and Tater
From: Nebraska, USA
To: South Carolina, USA

PetRelocation helped to make our move from Nebraska to South Carolina less stressful.

Since one of our dogs is very old, we decided ground transportation would be the best option for our dogs. Our representative at PetRelocation arranged for our two dogs to be moved by experienced kennel owners, who picked up our dogs from our home in Nebraska and delivered them to a veterinarian clinic and boarding facility in South Carolina that was near our new home.

It was such a nice facility that we will be using them as our new vet in the future. The pet movers arrived in a van that was well equipped with comfortable bedding and restraints to keep our pets safe on their trip. They were very friendly and obviously loved animals. We knew that our dogs would be well cared for by the pet movers.

Having PetRelocation move our dogs enabled us to make our move without frequent potty stops on the side of the road, without having to locate pet friendly hotels, and without having to get our meals at drive thru windows.

Overall, it was a great experience and we highly recommend PetRelocation!

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PetRelocation Team


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