Incredible Experiences: Pontes’ Move to the United Kingdom

Pontes"Pontes' Journey From New York to London"

When I first learned about my transfer from New York to London, my first concern was how we were going to take our Sheltie, Pontes, with our family -- especially considering that the UK has very strict rules about pet 'importations.'

Gladly, PetRelocation was able to make his transfer very smooth (even easier than mine, to be honest).

Firstly, I would like to thank Evelyn for all the initial support. I submitted a budget request by email and quickly received an email and a call to explain their services and UK requirements.

I also received some materials about crate-training, what to do on the day of your pet’s travel, a video of the airport facilities and some other useful information. That was crucial to choose PetRelocation as the company assisting with my Sheltie’s travel.

I would also like to thank Penney, who accompanied all the processes up to Pontes’ arrival to his new home. She did some research to make sure our current vet had the accreditation needed and was happy to suggest other options close to our home.

I received a detailed roadmap with the vet appointment dates and what needed to be done during each visit. I also received clear instructions on how to complete the forms. Penney reviewed all the documentation while I was still at the vet clinic to make sure everything was correct before I posted the documents to the relevant authorities.  

I really enjoyed the door-to-door service and all agents involved in the transfer were very nice and responsive (quickly answering my emails and calls). All this assistance was even more important considering his relocation occurred during the holiday period.     

Thank you PetRelocation. I am glad to share with you that Pontes had a wonderful trip and loves his new home. We are really thankful for all your assistance and will definitively keep in touch in case we need to travel with Pontes again.

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