Incredible Experiences: Poppet’s Journey From Florida to Hong Kong


"Best Customer Experience EVER"

Though we're pretty familiar with traveling internationally, my family decided to go with PetRelocation because moving a dog from the US to Asia sounded a bit too complicated -- even for us!

We have not regretted it for a moment. The service was excellent from the first. The quote was prompt and the total ended up less than the initial estimate, which never seems to happen!

My client care specialist was tireless, very responsive and really made the entire experience extremely easy -- for me, the vet and Poppet. From the paperwork to flight bookings to pick up, customs clearance, and kennel -- everything was thought through and handled.

These people are true professionals and really understand the needs of pets and their owners. I couldn't recommend PetRelocation more.


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Gina
Pet's Name: Poppet
From: Miami, FL, United States
To: Hong Kong


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PetRelocation Team


Incredible Experiences



United States, Hong Kong
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