Incredible Experiences: Pouf! and Schubert’s Move to Switzerland

"Cats don't eat Swiss chocolate but they do love the cheese!"

We had a great experience this summer as we were moving to Switzerland from Ottawa.

two cats shipped to Switzerland

Pouf! had traveled to and back from Vietnam with PetRelocation and it was a first for Schubert to get out of the nest. They will not be able to tell us how the trip went, but what we know for sure is that they came into their new home quite relaxed and ready in a few minutes to explore their new environment.

shipping cats to Switzerland

Not sure if we'll ever be able to put a little bell around their necks to prove their complete integration to the alpine lifestyle, but they were still quite intrigued by the sound of it! If they ever learn some yodelling, I promise I'll post something on this page to let the world know.



Pet Travel Details:

Name: Julie
Pet's Name: Pouf! and Schubert
From: Ottawa, Canada
To: Geneva, Switzerland


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PetRelocation Team


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