Incredible Experiences: Reno’s Move to New Zealand

dogIncredible Experiences: A Golden Retriever Travels Home

Here's an update we received from a recent client who just moved to New Zealand. Glad to hear (and see) that Reno is settling in well!

Hi Keith,

Reno has settled in great! (Although I haven't seen with my own eyes, as I'm still in China.) He was so cool flying such a long distance and arrived very calm... he's always been a cool guy :)

I'm attaching several pics taken by Alex and you can see how happy Reno is enjoying the reunion with his daddy and exploring his new home.

He has a lot of running and fetching everyday with Alex and he's getting a lot of attention wherever he goes :)
Thanks for all your help to make this happen! We wouldn't have done this without your professional service and we really enjoyed working with you. You guys are awesome!


Happy Chinese New Year!
Best Regards,


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