Incredible Experiences: Retiring (with Five Cats)

"Moving to Our Retirement Home"

We were fortunate in that we had quite a bit of lead time before making our move. From my first communication requesting a quote to our cats being delivered to our new house, this was the least stressful portion of the move.

We were in constant communication with Whitney and Ashley leading up to the day of travel. Both were very proactive in ensuring that we had everything required to successfully transport our feline family members, even though we would already be in transit.

The only glitch, which was not a problem caused by PetRelocation, was that they had lost their contact in Nashville, but that was easily remedied with a Google search.

Our cats were delivered to our doorstep, and were no worse for wear than anyone else who had to fly from LAX to Nashville. I would use this organization if there is another long distance move in our future, and highly recommend them to anyone who may have a long distance move and does not want to have the added stress of including their pets while moving.

Thank you,



Pet Transport Details:

Name: Mark
Pet's Name: Garfield, Elle, Shorty, Mama, Lil Girl
From: Oceanside, CA
To: Pleasant View, TN


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