Incredible Experiences: Shaq & Luke’s Trip From Argentina to Mexico!

shipping two boxers It is always so hard to let your dogs go in the hands of other people, especially when you know they will be stressed out by everything involved in a relocation process.

My two boxers, Shaq and Luke (both 4 years old), flew from Buenos Aires to Mexico City. As no Latin American airline flies boxers due to regulations against short-nosed breeds, the boys had to fly through Houston.

This was awful, since instead of getting home in one plane and one night, they had to fly on two planes and had almost two days of traveling.

PetRelocation did a great job, though, and my dogs arrived home safely. They were clean and in perfect health when they arrived.

They sent me pictures and reports every step of the way and understood I was a nervous "mother" and were very patient with me.

I am really grateful for the service provided! Thanks so much!

Name: Sandra
Pets' Names: Shaq & Luke
From: Buenos Aires, Argentina
To: Querétaro, Mexico

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PetRelocation Team


Incredible Experiences



Mexico, South America
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