Incredible Experiences: Skittles Moves to Singapore!

yorkshire terrier shipped to Singapore "Experts with the process AND experience!"

We just relocated from Kansas City to Singapore with our 4 lb Yorkie. Sarah and Mandy didn't treat our relocation as an objective, they treated it like a personal mission!

They handled all the administrative and regulatory aspects of the relocation, as expected, but where they REALLY impressed me was with the amount of effort they took in making sure we were comfortable with every step of the process and how they kept us informed, all the way until Skittles was settled in with us in Singapore!

Although the service they provide is pet relocation, they throw in amazing customer service and share the experience with you all the way through!

Thank you,



Pet Transport Details:

Name: Leon
Pet's Name: Skittles
From: Kansas City, USA
To: Singapore

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PetRelocation Team


Incredible Experiences



United States, Singapore
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