Incredible Experiences: Smokey’s Move to China from the United States

Here are some great tips about pet travel to China from a recent client of ours. Here's wishing Smokey and Al all the best in their new home!

I moved to China for work. I found PetRelocation online searching for pet relocation services. The whole experience was pretty stress free. Everyone knew what was needed and took care of everything quickly, from vet visits to paperwork.

I got door-to-door service, which is impressive since the small town in China I'm living in now doesn't have addresses on the buildings. I'm living in a small town in Huzhou City, about three hours west of Shanghai. Having a dog or cat here is no problem, although there are no parks to visit, no vet nearby, and no stores to buy supplies.

If anyone else is going to be in a similar situation living in a small town, I would recommend learning to buy online. I've been able to get food, litter, and anything else online, no problems.

All in all, everything about the move went smoothly, and I will use PetRelocation again for my return trip to the U.S.



Name: Al
Pet's Name: Smokey
From: Minnesota
To: China


PetRelocation Team


Incredible Experiences




United States, China
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