Incredible Experiences: Snickers and Boo Move to London

snickers & boo"Happy Cats!"

I looked at three different pet relocation companies and chose PetRelocation because they offered me two options (dropping off at the airport or getting picked up) as a way to save money and they clearly knew all of the United Kingdom pet travel rules.

Katy was very helpful and booked the vet appointment for me and connected with my brother since he was in charge of the cats after I left New Orleans.

Further, Katy was very communicative while the cats were traveling and even woke up early in the states to make sure the kitties made it to me!

Great company and I am glad I used them!

Pet Travel Details:

Name: Katie
Pets' Names: Snickers and Boo
From: New Orleans, LA, United States
To: London, UK

Thanks to Katie, Snickers and Boo for sharing their move with us!

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PetRelocation Team


Incredible Experiences




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