Incredible Experiences: Three Dogs Move to Florida

"Tanner, Sammy and Dixie: Their Journey to a New Home"

Faced with a relocation to Florida, I was very concerned about how to get my three dogs to their new home. The drive to Florida from Albuquerque was right at 30 hours and I knew I could not take them with me on this long drive.




After a few searches for pet relocation options, I came across the wonderful people at PetRelocation. Whitney reached out to me quickly and calmed my fears. The process was quick and easy.


What I appreciated the most was how they kept me informed on the day of travel. My dogs have never traveled in a crate let alone in an airplane and certainly not for the length of time required to get them here, so needless to say I was one nervous momma.




Anna, my coordinator did a great job letting me know where they were on their journey and also provided me with a link so I could track them on my own.




This was of great comfort to me, and all three dogs arrived safely. - Tammy


Pet Transport Details:

Name: Tammy
Company: Delaware North Companies
Pets' Names: Tanner, Sammy and Dixie Mae
From: Albuquerque, New Mexico
To: Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Thanks to Tammy for sharing this move with us! Relocating with your pets? Please contact PetRelocation for more information about your move options.


PetRelocation Team


Incredible Experiences



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