Incredible Experiences: Three Pets Travel Around the World

"Three Brave Pets Around the World!!!"

My name is Natasha and I was a GP in Brazil. I decided to move to Australia with my husband and my three lovely pets: two female shih tzu (Mel and Sophie) and one male cat (Pretinho).

shipping multiple pets to australia

Leaving them behind was never an option, so I decided that if I was really going to do this, I should do it properly. Migrating with pets from Brazil to Australia is definitely a difficult process to say the least (6-7 months in 3 different countries: Brazil for 5 months, USA for 50 days, and Australia for 10 days in quarantine).

After a lot of months doing my research, I finally chose PetRelocation and love myself for making this crucial decision. They're lovely, friendly, helpful, kind, competent, efficient and honest!!! A bit pricy I have to say, but having my pets here safe and happy is actually priceless. Sometimes to have an excellent company, we have to pay a bit more.

two dogs move internationally

Everything was perfect and I definitely recommend PetRelocation to everyone!!!

Good Luck!

Name: Natasha
Pets' Names: Mel, Sophie and Pretinho
From: Brazil
To: Australia

Thanks to Natasha for sharing her move and her story with us! Thinking about hiring some help with your own pet's relocation? Please contact us for a pet travel consultation.


PetRelocation Team


Incredible Experiences




United States, Australia, Brazil
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