Incredible Experiences: Three Westies Move to Malaysia

sanford, milton & elsie"Sanford, Milton and Elsie make the move to Malaysia!"

We found PetRelocation when I was searching for the regulations about moving our three furry friends with us to Malaysia where my husband was assigned.

We'd already lived in Malaysia in 2008 and had taken two of our Westies to live there. That time I did all their relocation work myself and it was very stressful for me -- the paperwork as well as the worry and traveling with them (managing their flight and my own).

What a difference it was to have Brooke's help with this process this time! I can't say enough great things about her follow through, attention to detail and her professionalism in dealing with our veterinarian.

Our veterinarian had such a negative experiences before with other companies, she was not at first willing to help me. Brooke really turned that situation around for us. Our vet and her staff were so impressed with PetRelocation that they will refer their other clients who have this need.

sanford, milton and elsieBrooke also provided me with a lot of information on helping our dogs travel more comfortably and made sure they had the best quarantine arrangements once in Kuala Lumpur. The whole thing was just amazing!

I can't thank you enough. I really feel like I had a go-to friend to help me and I know I can count on PetRelocation when it's time to make the voyage home.

Much gratitude to you all!


Name: Virginia
Company: Western Digital
Pets' Names: Sanford, Milton and Elsie
From: Bay Area California
To: Johor Bahru, Malaysia

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United States, Malaysia
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